People will stare. Make it worth their while.


Editorials require a team to fashion. Days of shooting, countless style pulls, re-frames, touch-ups, design amendments, flights, and packaging later, months can go by before the final product is published. For those fortunate enough to have a full portfolio, they know the value that an editorial (aka tear sheet) can reflect- experience, work history, successful photographer/ designer / creative collaborations – all which = model street cred.

—–Put shortly, experience matters. 

For new models seeking their first “tear sheets,” a publication is the proverbial feather in your cap. It might be enough to convince an agency to sign you, or for a client to hire you. Getting that elusive editorial is the hard part. Initial tips as follows:

  • You Have an Agency: Seek their resources! Talk to your agent. They may have connections to local designers, publications, photographers, and creatives. That initial recommendation can make a WORLD of difference.
  • No Agency Yet: Apply to vetted local agencies to inquire if they might be willing to audition / represent you.
    • OR / WA Models: Visit the OMPA’s Source Oregon directory to review a list of vetted agencies.
    • Bear in mind some agencies focus more on acting or modeling – tailor your applications after initial research.
  • No Agency After Application: Start testing with local photographers! Some will have connections to publications. Determine your budget – most professional photographers will not work for free. Some photographers may be willing to work with you on a TFP (trade for print) basis. In this event –
    • BE PICKY. Do NOT shoot with just anyone. Carefully review each photographer’s website (they should have one) to ensure it is of professional/ acceptable quality and character. Images, once taken, are hard to erase.
    • BE EDUCATED PRIOR if your images will be going to a stock photo site or elsewhere. Read model releases carefully.
    • BUDDY SYSTEM. Take a companion with you or notify a trusted friend of your whereabouts before your shoot.
  • Story comes First. You need a solid creative story, great photography, styling, makeup, hair, locations and of course – modeling skills – before you can start submitting your editorial to publications for consideration. Some photographers may do this for you – sometimes you may have to put in the time yourself (with their permission of course.) Remember the photographer holds the copyright to your images unless you paid / signed with him/ her to release them.
  • Submissions. Search locally AND online for publications and magazines who are currently taking editorial submissions. MOST MAGAZINES ARE. Even Italian Vogue accepts submissions, in a capacity.
    • BE PATIENT. It can take days to weeks to months to hear back from publications – especially if they publish quarterly v monthly.
    • BE PICKY. Again, it doesn’t help to be published in a magazine with no following or community. Online magazines are great! The format doesn’t matter nearly as much as the quality of the publication.
    • BE POLITE. Always – always – always. It can be frustrating to hear the 100th no. Be patient, be polite – Remember, You are just getting started.



I N   L O V E

Publication: Runway Magazine   –  Photography: Rodney Ray   –  Styling: Julia Perry   – Designer: Louis Verdad   –  Model: Hannah –   Makeup: Chloe Linton   Hair: Keifla Antonio    –  Producer: En Kelly


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