Announcing Hummr release early 2017! App, meet Gig Economy!

Hummr Snip

Not long ago, my colleagues and I were thrilled to announce the Hummr early release signup!

Hummr is an e-commerce application dedicated to connecting local contractors / brand ambassadors with marketing clients in real time.

Contractors, brand ambassadors, promoters, and clients simply download Hummr, sign in, and search for their favorite campaigns! Tailored for BA’s on the run, all applications are single-swipe, with booking confirmations sent within 24-48 hours! Instant cash out options are available as soon as an event has ended.

As brand advocates and experiential marketers ourselves, we understand the challenges of operating in the vendor / contract marketplace. Experiential marketing is on an advantageous rise – and young BA’s and promoters have busy, customized work weeks. At the same time, clients want genuine, empowered connections for their brand. Hummr is a platform serving both agendas, in real time.

To all my BA’s, brand advocates, marketers, advertising connectors, and millennials? Make work should be more than a 9-5. Let’s experience it.

App release is set for early 2017! Get notified @ or

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