Speaking @Portland Film Fest, 2016!


Huge thank you to the 2016 annual Portland Film Fest for having me as a featured speaker on the Working with Agents panel!

It was incredible to connect with artists collectively seeking to perfect their craft. For those who missed the event, here are a few bullet points – and don’t forget to join us next year!

  • If you apply to an agency and don’t hear back, don’t get discouraged. Most agencies receive dozens – hundreds of submissions. Improve your materials, always stay training, and keep trying!
  • Network, Network, Network! Congratulations – you are in the entertainment industry! The Pacific NW is a relatively close knit network – odds are you will find yourself running into the same people over and over. In that vein, it is well worth the (tax deductible) investment to join reputable affiliations. They can provide boundless resources and connections for you down the road – and trust me, you will be needing both in time!
  • Choose your Headshot / Resume carefully when applying to an Agency
    • Jewel Tones, Light Makeup, Natural Lighting are all safe guidelines when choosing an image. Even if you don’t have a professional headshot just yet, a decent digital camera and natural light go a long way.
  • List ALL your Special Skills in your resume! If you can unicycle, scuba dive, or juggle- we want to know about it!
    • Organize your resume so that we can see CLEARLY in 2 seconds or LESS where ¬†your Film / TV / Theater / Training skills are (break these into subgroups – it’s easier for eyes to follow)
    • Don’t have a lot of experience? Take a workshop from a vetted acting instructor or casting director!

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